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Integrated Management System

RM 5,000.00

Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System is very handy when it comes to chain-clinics operation. Using Integrated Management System features, a clinic can transfer their daily collection, stock details and can even make new stock order from the HQ of the clinic. Integrated Management System also allow the HQ staff to generate centralized billing for the same panel from all clinic at the end of the month.


Using Integrated Management System, clinics may also monitor and share patient details among their group of clinics. Information sharing is also comes with level of confidentiality access allowed and security of the data transferred between clinics.


HQ staff can also monitor the drug stock level from the Integrated Management System interface installed at the HQ. In fact, if you installed Integrated Management System in your laptop, you can monitor the clinic activities from any locations in the world as long as you can access the internet. HQ staff may also set the stock and services pricing at Integrated Management System and populate it to all branches pricing tables.

Features Highlight :

ü   Centralized billing for panel

ü   Patient visit details can be accessed from any branch

ü   Set stock price and monitor stock usage from HQ office

ü   Stock order from branch to HQ office

ü   Collection details, reports, etc from HQ office

ü   Affordable solution at a very attractive price

ü   Standard practice, drug code & name across branches

ü   Update important business data from HQ office to all branches



Frequently Ask Questions



Price : RM5,000.00. Must have Clinic Management Software at all branch

Maintenance fee : RM300 per month pay yearly in advance at RM3,600.00 per year for Fixed IP to connect between branch and HQ

Travelling Fee:
Perak ( Excluding Ipoh ):RM300

Kedah, Penang, Johor                : RM400

Sabah & Sarawak                     : RM1,000

Ipoh & Klang Valley                    : Free

Negeri Sembilan                         : RM100

Melaka                                         : RM200