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Frequently Ask Question ( F.A.Q )

1. On how many PC can be installed?

Every package comes with software installation for 3 PCs. You can request to install more than that, but we will charge additional fee for every each PC. Re-installation on the same PC for more than 3 times will be charged too. This software cannot be copied or installed to other clinics without consent of Company. System is protected software product under Malaysian Law.

2. How about my existing  on-card patient records?

You have two options to handle this. First, transfer all records from card to system. And clear the file cabinet. But, this is not practical and require a lot of extra  unnecessary work.
Second option is to register only those coming to your clinic after you have installed software. This will include new patient and your existing patient. For your existing patient, transfer their information from card to system. And keep this card aside – to be housekeep later. Keep doing this for a period of time, let say 6 months. After that you can decide whether to housekeep all the cards and clear the file cabinet. Your regular patient or those within your vicinity most probably will visit your clinic at least once in this 6 months period.


3. I’m currently using  other clinic software. Can you migrate my data?

We normally will be able to perform the data migration by examining your existing data structure and write a separate program to read and transfer it. However, we will tell you what can and can’t be migrated and this is a chargeable activity depending on the complexity.

4. Does my clinic data safe? Do you transfer electronically my data?

We do not transfer or copy your clinic data – medical or operational data. Your data is kept at your clinic. Data that automatically transferred is only related to the advertisement such as how many time an advertisement is displayed, and how many users click on it. Please rest assured that we are doing a legal business conduct and will not do any unethical approach to gain profit like selling your clinic data to any interested parties. In fact, you can easily check any kind of outgoing data transfer using  a standard internet security program.


5. How about virus and data corruption?

It is possible to happen and not only for this software. To minimize the impact, you need to run  the data backup procedure which will copy your data at the end of the day to any external media you specify. A built in function in system will assist you to perform this backup and a reminder will pops up everyday for you to do the backup.


6. How  long it will take to setup the system at my clinic?

If nothing is installed at your clinic, we need to setup the networking, buy the PC and install the software. We can do this in 3 days, provided all the cost incurred is  agreed before implementation. If you already have the PC and networking, it just take less than 3 hours for installation and training.


7. How  about training?

We provide free training for you and your staff on the same day after we do the installation. Apart from that, we will also provide you a hardcopy user manual (English & Malay version) and you can access the softcopy from the system itself. We can also provide you online training at no charge any time you need it. Our training will be conducted by our experience sales and technical consultant.


8. How  about technical support?

We provide free call, email and online remote support. This will normally solve 95% of problems occurred if any. On-site visit is also available at a very minimum rate if you need it. Office hour is from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm. We will also give you a contact number to call for urgent case during off-office hour. Our after sales support will be conducted by our experience sales and technical consultant.


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