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Clinic Management Software ( CMS )

RM 2,800.00

Values to appreciate :

• Designed by Malaysian Doctors

• Developed by local IT company

• Comprehensive and efficient

• Easy process workflow

• Inexpensive to implement

• No recurring maintenance fee

. • Continuous upgrade at no charge

• Supported by intensive research and development

• Support centralized clinic’s data

• Best practice for chain-clinics operation

• Simplified reporting


Our unique business approach


Our Clinic Management System ( CMS ) will cost you a very much lower than the cost incurred by similar product. It is partially sponsored by the advertisement embedded in the software and pay the maintenance for you. Our advertisers are from pharmaceutical companies and they will pay for the advertisement slots. You can enjoy the benefit without have to worry about renewal fee or any maintenance contract fee. We want as many clinics as possible using the software. More usage will increase the advertisement slot’s value. Just get your PCs and other equipment ready and call us for the installation.


A complete solution for your daily clinical routines that cover patient management, drug inventory management, payment collection, panel billing, payment aging, immunization, antenatal, image viewer, medical checkup, MyKad data retrieval, accounting feature, reporting and much more features.


It is also comes with hand-writing feature which will enable doctors to write on the screen devices (Windows supported) and save it with the image used for of the patient. It is a total paperless solution for a clinic. The workflow is designed in such a way that users will be able to operate it effectively in just a few hours of hands-on.


A local-based system, your operation and data are limited within your clinic only. However, for chain-clinic operation,  can be used together with another System to bring all branches data together for centralized billing and reporting for additional cost.


Main Workflow : 4 easy steps

Step 1 : Registration Screen

ü   Search patient by IC No, MRN, name or by company name

ü   Change billing mode easily for every visit – cash, panel or dependent

ü   Use MyKad Reader for faster & convenient way of registration

ü   Separate “Over the counter” (OTC) for faster  process

ü   Family tree for easy grouping and identification


Registration Screen



Step 2 : Consultation Screen

ü   Easy access to previous visit notes

ü   Pre-set symptoms, findings and diagnosis for faster process

ü   Writing pad features for convenient way of taking notes

ü   Graphical BP, Pulse and Temperature figures

ü   X-Ray and Lab Test


Step 3 Assign Medication

 Search drug by name, code or usage group

 Use button-click option to reduce or increase quantity

 May use pre-set drug pricing or change it for every case

 Warning for allergy of medication for patient

 Link to stock inventory and alert of stock quantity and expiry date



Prescription – Clinic Management Software ( CMS )

Prescription 2

Prescription 2 – Clinic Management Software (
Step 4 : Payment Collection

 Automatic total price calculation

 Support cash, panel, credit card, bank-in or cheque payment mode

 Support combination of cash and other payment mode

 Alert of patient with credit history from previous visit

 Print receipt, medication label, referral letter, MC and many more with just a few click with ready template.

Payment Option

Payment Option – Clinic Management Software ( CMS )


Other Important Features

Stock Inventory

Your organization’s inventory represents a significant investment of financial resources. Managing it can be a monumental task. It takes detailed management and operations report to track and control items you stock and sell.

Features highlight :

 Stock level alert

 Expiry date and expiry alert period

 Price for cash, panel and cost

 Integrate with supplier and inventory order

 Can be grouped by drug usage and drug type

 Stock location

 Easy searching by name, code, group, etc


Stock Inventory
Stock Inventory

Panel Billing

End of the month work is normally busy with a lot of reports especially panel billing to create. This will no more worry you as panel claim will be automatically created with only few clicks.

Features highlight :

 Easy and straight-forward operation

 Many built-in billing format to choose

 Integrated with cover letter

 Integrated with payment aging

 Stock location



Panel Billing
Payment Aging

You may track payment received from the panel company based on the panel claim created every month. You know which invoices were fully paid and which are not.

Features highlight :

 Single invoice payment tracking

 Aging report for single invoice and for the company

 Aging summary report for all the panel company

 Easy to know last payment date, amount and balance due


Payment ageing
Writing Tablet

Use any writing-enabled screen devices (Windows supported) and you can easily sketch any notes directly on the screen and save it with the images you choose.

Features highlight :

 Doctor may opt to use writing tablet and staff may perform the rest by retrieving the writing notes

 Option to use your own-loaded image

 You may print it for the patient to keep

Writing tablet



Main Features

• Patient Registration (manual or with MyKad Reader)

• Family Group – to group patient in one family

• Appointment Module

• Patient Consultation

• Medication Dispensary

• Payment Collection

• Immunization Schedule

• Antenatal Schedule

• Medical Checkup Module

• Writing Tablet Feature

• Medical Images

• Lab Test and X-Ray Module

• Allergy Alert

• Graphical Chart for BP, Pulse and Temperature

Main Features


Maintenance Features
Maintenance Features

• Drugs Inventory

• Inventory Order (HQ & Supplier)

• Panel and Supplier Details

• Allergy Setup

• Lab Test and Charges Setup

• Charges and Fee Setup

• Data Backup


Finance & Administration Features

• End of Day Balancing

• Panel Billing

• Payment Aging

• Debtor Listing

• Data Centralized Update ( Integrated Manangement System )

• Staff Details

• Staff Attendance System

• User Access Rights

• Queue Management System Setup

• Change Password


Finance & Administrator Features


Report Highlight

• Daily Collection for Clinic

• Daily Collection by Payment Mode

• Daily Collection by Company

• End of Shift Collection Report

• Patient Visit Details

• Patient Visit Time

• Patient Diagnosis Report



• Patient with Chronic Disease Report

• Drug Inventory Report

• Drug Dispense Report

• Drug Expiry Report

• Drug Costing Report

• Drug Dispense Report



Free : one Mycard reader

Free : Queue Management System

Optional : Label printer with additional charges

 Cloud packges.jpg

Sale Price:RM 2,800.00  ( Excluding travelling cost for installation and training below)

RM360.00 Annual Maintenance fee per year (Must have own server)
RM1,350.00 Annual Maintenance fee per year ( Cloud version ) ( Basic Packages )

Travelling Fee:
Klang Valley, Kedah :   RM300

Johor, Perlis                             : RM400

Sabah & Sarawak                   : RM1,000

Ipoh                                        : Free

Perak(Other than Ipoh)           : RM100

Negeri Sembilan                      : RM100

Pulau Pinang, Penang, Melaka : RM200

Free : Queue Management System


Customer can choose online installation and training via “Anydesk” without traveling charges if they do not mind to have online training especially those in East Malaysia.



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