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Software for Accountant / Accounting Profession / Freelancer

RM 1,699.00

Software for Accountant /  Accounting Profession / Freelancer

For accountants or even freelance bookkeepers who are looking for easy-to-use, hassle free software for their accounting jobs. For Payroll outsourcing companies looking for a LHDN approved payroll software to help prepare your clients payroll.  

Dongle License ( Suitable who need travelling and work at client place )

Just plug in the dongle/usb to your client's PC ( Single license for multiple client )

Single Dongle License

Accounting                              : RM1,199.00

Accounting & Billing               : RM1,199.00

Payroll 30                              : RM899.00

Payroll 60                               : RM1,499.00

Payroll Maxi                            : RM2,199.00

Client’s Account (Legal Firm)  : RM1,499.00

LAN Dongle License - c/w 10 users

Accounting                : RM2,899.00

Accounting & Billing  : RM3,699.00

Payroll Maxi             : RM3,999.00

The above system c/w USB Key.
12 months warranty for USB key with terms and condition.                                                
No upgrade of payroll module is allowed.

Coding License - ( For large Accounting firm that do not required travelling to client office to work )

                                      Selling Price                        Additional User each

Accounting                    : RM899.00                            RM300.00

Accounting & Invoicing : RM1,399.00                         RM450.00

Payroll 30                     : RM599.00                            RM300.00

Payroll 60                     : RM1,199.00                         RM300.00

Payroll Maxi                 : RM1,899.00                         RM300.00

Client’s Account          : RM1,199.00                         : RM300.00
(for Legal Firm)

Module upgrade from P30 to P60 or PMAX is not allowed.

Price excluding training, installation,support,  courier , travelling.etc