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READY STOCK Hand Sanitizer 250ml (2 bottles) Free 25pcs Face Mask For Family Child Office gentle to hand Tiada Alkohol Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer kill germs pembersih tangan tanpa alkohol basmi kuman

RM 74.75

Product Highlights: 

  • Dr Shield Hand Sanitisers 250ml X 2 bottles value pack
  • Free 25pcs 3ply Face Mask 
  • 3 layer face mask ( free 25 pcs )
  • Dr Shield Hand Sanitisers Kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, fungus and virus
  • Alcohol free hand sanitiser
  • Convenient - no rinse needed
  • Natural ingredient - non irritant to skin 
  • Safe to use 
  • Keeps your hands moisture - wont dry out your skin 

Product Content 

  • 2 bottles X 250ml Dr. SHIELD Hand Sanitizers with Mist Spray Pump 
  • 25 pcs X 3 Ply Face Mask  (Free gift)