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RM 78.65

Exclusively for ladies

Developed and targeted on female hair loss. Natural and mild anti-hair fall composite essences on every drop and 3 in 1 hair fall control treatment ingredients. It contains 100% Compounded Natural Essences for hair fall control.

Common causes like pregnancy, stress, pressure, weight management and hair grooming contribute to ladies hair loss problems. All these will cause weak blood circulation, which is the main cause of hair loss.

1. Pregnancy, pregnant and post-natal would easily cause hair fall due to imbalance hormone.

2. Stress, depress, weight gain, weight loss and pressure would easily cause hair fall. Too much mental works, mid-night work will cause body and mental pressure. Less sleep might affect nutrient absorption and cause hair fall.

3. Dye, perm and rebonding hair with the chemical contents will damage scalp and cause hair to fall.

3 principles of BAWANG ladies hair fall control set aim to solve female hair loss problems.

1. Accelerate blood circulation

2. Nourishing

3. Pressure relief

3 effectiveness contents of BAWANG ladies hair fall control set

1. Angelica and Ginkgo Leaf-which inspire hair scalp and hair root vitality.

2. Polygonum Multiflorum and Medlar- continuously replenishes nutrients lost in hair.

3. Mint-relieves scalp pressure.

Effectiveness to inspire hair scalp to input the necessary nutrition which is good for the hair growing, reducing hair fall, making your hair healthier and thicker