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Trobleshoot F. A . Q

1. What to do if there is no audio sound ( Ding…..Dong sound )?

When Queue Management System ( QMS ) have no sound when press “next” on keypad. Please check the following :

a) Check if external wiring properly.  Refer (2)

b) Check if  the Relay in Display function properly.  Refer (3)

c) Check if internal Wiring inside Display wired properly.  Refer (4)

2. How to check if external wiring properly when there is no sound?

Press “next” on keypad  to see whether the Display number blinking.

When you press “next” on keypad, if the Display not blinking as Display never received signal from keypad. This mean the wiring have problem. Have to check the wiring.

However, if number on Display blinking but without sound when you press “next”,  This mean the wiring is okay outside the Display as the signal pass to Display but there is no sound. Thus, there is only two possibility.

1) Relay.  Refer (3)

2) bell.  Refer (4)


3. How to check if “Relay” inside Display working properly when there is no sound from QMS?

One person go near to Display and ask another staff to press “next” on keypad to hear whether there is any “tick tuck” sound or not when another person press “next” on keypad.


If can hear “tick tuck” sound from Display. This mean the Relay is okay. Go to (4)

If no sound hear from Display. Then the Relay must be out of order.

There is another spare Relay inside the Display.

4. What happen if both external wiring and “Relay” working properly after testing if there is no sound from QMS?

If there is “tick tuck” sound can hear from Display when press “next” on Display . This mean the Relay is okay and the problem might be the either internal wiring within Display or “bell” has out of order. Either the Wire connect to the “bell” has drop or the “bell” itself has out of order.

A technician has to take down the Display and open the board at the back of Display to check whether any wire connected has drop.

Connect back the wire if any wire has drop and see the bell will ring again or not.

If all wire inside Display are connected properly after open the board at the back of Display. This mean the bell is out of order. Usually, a small blue light on the bell will not on. This mean the bell is out of order. You can return the Display to us to change a new bell if it is still under warranty period.


5. What to do if the printer number never never change after reset in the morning. Printer keep on print out ticket number 1000 and 2000 no matter how many person queue up, or printer continue with yesterday queue like 1145 and 2146 etc even Display number has reset and start with 1000 and 2000?

There is highly possibly that you have reset wrongly. Try reset it again. usually, it work properly if reset again properly.

Please be reminded that the reset is press 9 six 6 times and keypad, 999999 and then press “Call” on Keypad. ( No +  in between). If reset wrongly like press only 5 times 9, 99999 or press + on keypad before press “call”  might cause problem on reset.

If you sure you reset correctly and problem still persist. You can return the Printer’s touch screen to us to change the controller inside if it is still under Warranty period



6. What to do if printer do not function?

Check all the wiring to printer by unplug all the connection and re-plug in again all the wiring. Usually, it will function properly after unplug and re-plug. There is a small blue light on the printer and the light will on if wiring connection is okay and printer is on.

There is also a small switch beside the printer. Check to see anybody/customer accidentally switch of the printer and on it again.

Again, there is a small blue light in front of printer and the light suppose to on if the switch is on.