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Set up & Trobleshoot F. A . Q

Simple Wireless Queue Management System

1. Set up

The Touch Screen MCU is the centre. Make sure the distance between MCU printer and Wireless Controller and Display able to received signal as it is wireless.

2. What if the ticket print out aligned to left or right. 

If any cable disconnected. Connected back all the cable and wires properly. Off and on the whole system again.

It will reset and aligned to centre when on again if all the cable ( expecially between MCU and Printer ) and wire properly connected


3. What if the Display never respond when press on Wireless Controller despite there is customer press the ticket

a) first, press the Wireless Controller and see the No on MCU change or not. If the no on MCU change but not Display. This mean the Wireless Controller  communicate with MCU but MCU never communicate with Display.

b) Adjust the distance between the Touch screen MCU ( Printer ) and the Display by making the distances nearer between the two to see whether Display respond or not when pressing Wireless Controller.

c) Off all the devices, Printer, MCU, Display. Wait for 5 minutes. Then on it again after 5 minutes or longer.





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