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Telephone ( TM)

RM 45.00

Telephone Line Package

NoPackageRental (RM)Detail
1Kediaman25TM fixed line for personal users, business customers or business area address are not allowed to apply this package.
2Perniagaan45TM fixed line for business customer which installation address is a business area.

Telephone Line / Telephone Line + Streamyx Registration Flow

1. This section is only for Clinic / customer who does not have a telephone line and wish to apply:

  • Telephone line only
  • Telephone line + Streamyx

    For Clinic / customer who does have a telepone line and wish to apply Streamyx only, kindly proceed to STREAMYX section.

2. Hardcopy form is not required. Hardcopy form is replaced by E-form with biometric thumbprint verification. 

3. Effective 1st November 2016, E-form with Biometric Device (Electronic Thumbprint Verification) is compulsory for TM customer who wish to register Telephone Line, Streamyx and Unifi. You may submit order to as usual. We have runner to contact you and arrange appointment to get thumbprint verification from customer before we process the order. For more information on Biometric Device (Electronic Thumbprint Verification), please click Biometric Runner Area.  

4. After submiting customer detail, customer are required to email all supporting documents.

5. Supporting documents required for personal package:

  • A clear photocopy IC of customer for Malaysian or a clear photocopy passport of customer for foreigner (Passport expiry date must not be less than 2 years from registration date)

6. Business customers are required to submit the SSM documentation with the “Certified True Copy” (CTC) as a supporting document. We are unable to process business order for Unifi and Streamyx if you fail to provide SSM documentation with CTC

    TM will only accept SSM documentation with CTC:

    • Certified by Company Secretary, or
    • Certified by Commissioner for Oaths (Pesuruhjaya Sumpah), or
    • Certified by Other Idendified Authorities, or
  • Digitally certified by SSM online. Customer may download and print the SSM documentation with CTC at the link below.Kindly make sure Unifi or Streamyx service is available at your premise before  print the SSM documentation with CTC.

    Supporting document for business package:

  • Company Registration form (form 9 /SSM)
  • A clear photocopy IC of director
  Sole Proprietor (ROB)
  • NRIC / Passport
  • SSM ROB - Form D or Form E

  Sdn Bhd (ROC)

  • SSM ROC - Forms 9, 24 & 49
  • NRIC/Passport

  Berhad (ROC)

  • Form 8 & 23
  • Authorized Person Form / Letter and NRIC/Passport

  Foreign Company

  • Form 79, 80/80A, 83/83A
  • Authorized Person Form / Letter and NRIC/Passport

  Law Firm

  • Bar Council Malaysia Acknowledgement Letter
  • NRIC/Passport


  • Letter from Malaysia Medical Council and Form 12
  • NRIC/Passport


  • Acknowledgement Letter from the Related Ministry/Department
  • NRIC/Passport

7. We will process your order only if we receive all supporting documents and after thumbprint verification of E-form.

8. Your order will be rejected if you fail to provide all supporting documents or if we are unable to get thumbprint verification of E-form .


1. Installation will be done within 1 week after registration if your order was processed successfully. A contractor will contact you for installation.

2. Problematic order such as order with "Kaji Siasat" or "Tunggu" status takes longer time for installation. It may take more than 1 week, 1 month or even few months for TM to solve the problem. Please be informed that deferment of Unifi installation within 48 hours before the appointment date will lead to a penalty of RM200.

3. There will be additional charges if your customer requests for extra cabling whereby you has to deal personally with contractor.