Clinic Appointment & Queue Management Scheduling Software




Your nurse/staff no longer required to keep calling patient/customer to confirm appointment for the following days?

This software is design for healthcare specialist that have more appointment business than walk in customer. This software also used for manage queue as there is also a mobile apps that patient can check their queue via their smartphone. Thus, can go to have a drink if the queue is still long hours ahead and can check their queue via smartphone to see if the queue have arrived. This improve customer satisfaction for clinic and hospital etc.



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What are the typical problems in a clinic? 一间诊所会面对的典型问题?

1. How difficult for a patient to schedule an appointment with doctor?

2. How troublesome for the nurse/receptionist to pick up a call and note down the details?

3. How important is queue management in a clinic?

4. How to confirm appointment made weeks back?

5. How clinic to reach patient & vice versa?

How can we help you?

1. the advance appointment & queue system.

What is Appointment & Queue Software? 什么是Appointment & Queue Software?

1. It is an advance appointment & queue system to uplift clinic’s daily operation. Besides, it can also improve the connection between the clinic and the patient. 这是一个高级的预约和排队系统,以提升诊所的日常运作,同时还能改善诊所与病人的联系。

2. It is built specifically for healthcare industry like clinics, hospitals etc. 这系统是专为医疗行业所设的,像诊所,医院等。

How does it work? 它是如何运作的?

1. A web-base dashboard which doctor/nurse could use to set available slot/s and manage appointment & queue. A mobile app which patient could use to check doctor’s pre-set schedule/roster, make appointment, get mobile ticket & check real-time queue status.

2. Clinic needs to have at least a computer, a laptop or a tablet with internet connection to operate. But if clinic have a TV display to display the real-time queue status, that’s even better. 如果要操作这系统,诊所至少需要有一台电脑,一台笔记本电脑或平板电脑和互联网服务。但是,如果诊所有一台电视来播放实时队列状态,那就更好了。

3. How it help a clinic? First, it brings patient retention, imagine if you missed a call a day or you missed an email/message a day, you might lose a patient. Second, it improves efficiency, reduce human errors etc., system will not lie to you. Third, it brushes your image. As usual, patient will make comparison from one clinic to another, it’s normal. How patient look @ you depends what’ve you provided to them? A channel or what not? 它是如何帮助一家诊所?首先,病人保留,想象一下,如果一天您错过了一个电话或您错过了一封电子邮件/短讯,您将可能失去一个病人。其次,它提高了工作效 率,减少人为错误等,系统是不会骗您的。第三,刷新诊所的形象,像往常一样,病人将拿您和另一家诊所比较,这是正常的。如果您能提供一个让病人更靠近您的 平台,病人将会选择您。

4. Some clinics will ask, how to integrate with my current system? We believe your current system is used to store medical records etc., we would suggest you to use 2 separate systems based on the following reasons. 1. Our system’s core value is to create connection, it means to how you want to connect with your patient and how your patient is going to connect with you. 2. It is advisable to use a local server to store medical record as it is really P&C. 有些诊所会问,如何与我目前的系统连接?我们认为诊所当前使用的系统是用于储存医疗记录等,我们建议诊所使用两个独立系统基于以下原因,1.我们系统的核 心价值是建立联系,就意味着您要如何与您的病人联系,以及您的病人如何与您联系。 2.建议使用本地服务器来储存这些病历,因为它是很私隐的。

5. At last, we provide you with a solution that no other in the market be able to provide. 最后,我们提供的解决方案是在市场上没有其他人可提供的。


1. The main sales target is clinic with high traffic. 主要销售目标是很多病人的诊所。

2. We received a lot enquiry about extension to other industries like hair saloon, facial centre etc? Not now! 我们也收到很多关于推广到其他行业的查询,如美学行业等,答案是不是现在!

3. For subscription, we offer 3-month free trial. 对于系统订阅,我们提供三个月的免费试用期。

4. Easy sign-up, just fill in the subscription details and provide the necessary. We ensure your clinic subscription is ready within 3 working days. 简单注册方式,只需填写订阅细节,并提供所需的资料。我们将在三个工作日内为您准备好。

5. We guarantee your satisfaction, as quality is our first priority. 我们保证您会满意,因为我们非常注重质量。

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