Outsource Managed Services

Arbirage Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia’s leading IT solution providers, offering customer cutting-edge consulting, managed services and project offering. Specialising in providing Small and Medium Enterprise ( SME ) , we bring perspective and experience honed in SME to help your organisation grow and obtain the maximum return possible from your IT investment. Our vision is to provide state of the art solutions which enable our customers to focus on building their businesses.


To help Small and Medium Enterprise ( SME ) manage their desktops more cost effectively, Arbirage Sdn Bhd used Windows Intune as the foundation for outsoursing and managed services. With it, customers gain financially flexible, cloud-based PC management, security, operating system and application deployment, and other desktop services. Arbirage has expanded its operation by offering outsourcing and managed services and increased staff efficiency.

Arbirage observed that Small and Medium Enterprise ( SME ) had the same desktop management challenges as enterprise customers but fewer resources for handling them. These smaller customers had numbers of PCs that they had to patch, manage, secure, and inventory, but often did not have the budget for a dedicated desktop management staff.


We found this solution in Windows Intune, a subscription-based service that provides PC management, reporting, asset inventory, and security over the Internet. Arbirage took advantage of the upgrade rights to the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system, the antivirus software (Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010), and the software distribution capabilities included in Windows Intune and used them as a foundation for building a desktop outsourcing and managed service.

“The Windows 7 licensing included with Windows Intune is a big benefit for our customers and for us, because it eliminates a sales barrier when customers are not licensed for Windows 7,” “We can tell customers that Windows 7 is included with our managed service and that they can move on to Windows 8 and beyond for no extra charge. None of the other cloud-based management services offer that.”

Arbirage Sdn Bhd augments Windows Intune services with the addition of operating system deployment services, custom application and driver packaging services, hardware driver management, and others. “Windows Intune provides an excellent framework for us to provide value-added services,”

 With our service, customers have more granular control over application deployment. Smaller businesses like it because it helps them leap forward in their desktop management maturity without investing a lot of time or money.

ICT Outsouces and Manage Services for SME

With Windows Intune, Arbirage is able to deliver its extensive enterprise PC management expertise to Small and Medium Industries ( SMI ). These customers no longer need on-staff skills in complicated tasks such as driver packaging and operating system deployment. “With Windows Intune, we can provide enterprise-grade desktop management capabilities to Small and Medium Enterprise ( SME ) that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them,”

Arbirage estimates that customers will cut costs by using Windows Intune. Customers also gain enterprise-grade antivirus software, upgrade rights to future Windows releases, and simplified software licensing.

Expand globally

 “Because of the infrastructure that Microsoft has built for Windows Intune, we can scale our business globally without having to invest in a similar infrastructure ourselves,”  “Also, because our offering is built on the Microsoft platform, it has instant credibility and respect with customers.”

Increase Efficiency

Arbirage Sdn Bhd can work more efficiently by working on Windows Intune. “Working as a project-based organization, we do a lot of the same things for many different customers,” “Windows Intune gives us a way to work smarter rather than harder. We can do the work once and then extend that work to many other customers. By offering these services using a subscription-based pricing model, each customer is essentially sharing costs with many other managed-services customers.”

The Arbirage staff is happier, too, because they are not doing as much repetitive work. “They can package an application once and then go off and do something else,”.