Online Trainning for Simple Wireless Queue Management System

  1. Printer , Ticket, Queue
Few service available for one set of Simple Wireless Queue Management System ( QMS ) up to 4 Services, for example, there is three services available for this Simple Wireless QMS, A, B, C respectively
Touch Screen MCU
Touch Screen MCU with 3 services with Services A,Band C respectively
Example :
Services A : Ordering counter or Express counter
Services B : Product Exchange Counter
Services C : Product collection
Button A start with number 1001 , Button B start with number 2001 and Button C start with 3001.
Double ticket of 3 services started with 1001, 2001, 3001 respectively with company logo
On the ticket, customer  can see “Now Serving”. Thus, can see whether there is any, or how many people queue ahead of them.

2. Wireless Controller 

a) Button A, B, C, D ( Next customer ) 
Counter 1 can press Button A for one second to call customer, Counter 2 can press Button B for one second to call next customer, Counter 3 can press Button C for one second to call next customer. Counter 4 can press Button D for one second to call next customer.
Wireless Controller
Wireless Controller
b) Button A, B, C, D ( Call the same customer ) 
If the customer of one particular number never turn up and the counter want to call back the same number but not next customer. then the same counter can press the same button for 5 seconds but not one second. Then, The Display would Chime and call the same number again but not next number..
c) No Queue
If there is no customer waiting. No chime or bell  and no next number will be call when counter press A, B, C, D respectively.
3. How to Reset to 0000 every morning 
 Press Button B and Button D simultaneously for 5 second. There would be a Chime when successfully change the number to 1000, 2000, 3000 every morning respectively.