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How to order Public Gold online? ( Non-GAP) 

For those who wish to register free at Public Gold and want my guidance of order via Public Gold. Please follow the following step :

Visit, click LOGIN or directly click PG Free Register to direct go to the free registration page.

Please fill up your name according to your name on Identification Card ( MyKad ), telephone no and email address. Select the branch nearest to you. Then fill in 00201240 as Introducer Code. No Registration Fee required.

After completed the above. Can proceed to place your first order as follow ( Click to enlarge image ) :

Step 1 Access Public Gold Home Page.jpg

Step 2 Log in Account.jpg

Step 3 Go To order page.jpg

Step 3 Go To Order page Continue.jpg

Step 4 Search for by Product.jpg

Step 5 Add to cart.jpg

Step 6 Go To Cart Page.jpg

Step 7 Update cart amd go to next page.jpg

Step 8 Log In to Proceed payment.jpg

Step 9 Proceed to Payment.jpg

Step 9 Proceed to Payment Continue.jpg

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